Privacy Policy

Confidentiality in the counselling relationship

I intend to create a safe space in which you can share what you choose to about what is affecting you. I will keep your information confidential, in that what you share remains between us and I will not talk to anyone else about what you say. There are two exceptions to this. 

The first is if I think you are going to harm yourself or someone else. Wherever possible I will talk with you about this and ask for your consent, or inform you if I need to talk to someone else about this. 

Secondly, I have regular clinical supervision, as a way of monitoring how I am working and to ensure I am working ethically and safely. My supervision is also a confidential space and my supervisor will not know your identity, or your contact details. 
I keep a secure record of your name and contact details. I will seek your consent about your preferred method(s) of contact.  I do sometimes keep brief notes, so that I can keep track of facts and emerging themes. You have a right to see these notes. You can also choose to not have notes taken. If you do consent to me taking notes, they are held securely and nobody else will see them. Notes will be destroyed two years after we have finished working together. 

My aim is that confidentiality keeps you safe. When we meet for our first session, we can talk more about this, as detailed in the Counselling Agreement. I can also answer any questions you may have. This complies with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and General Data Protection Regulations (2018).